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Security overview

Security is a core pillar of our organization. This section gives an overview of our security measures. They are in place to safeguard our operations.


We uphold the highest industry standards. We do this by regularly undergoing audits. These audits are conducted by reputable third parties. Our Swaap USDC Fund v1.0 and Swaap ETH Fund v1.0 contracts, including their dependencies, have been thoroughly audited by organizations such as Chainsecurity and Quantstamp.

Access controls

Swaap Earn achieves security and trust minimization. It does this through a mix of on-chain safeguards and DAO governance.

  • Governance layer: The DAO multisig controls key protocol functions. This is to ensure integrity and alignment with user interests.
  • Smart contract safeguards: The system uses smart contract safeguards. They prevent mismanagement and align strategies with user interests. Key measures include DAO-controlled rebalancing. They also include limits on fund transfers by strategists. And, they include specific controls on adaptors to prevent improper value extraction. This includes vetted pool participation. It has enforced health factors and monitored trade values. These rules ensure fair practices and curb exploitation.