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What is Swaap Earn

Swaap Earn is a decentralized protocol. It boosts any asset or yield with market-making revenue streams. Our design brings massive performance and UX improvements to the status quo:

  • Single-asset exposure: You deposit directly into our single-asset vaults. There are no asset pairs or position management.
  • Any yield, supercharged: It boosts returns with market-making yield, even from yield-bearing tokens.
  • Optimal allocation: The allocation is dynamic across a set of set protocols. It ensures you always get the best yields. It works across the protocols that match your risk tolerance.
  • Future-proof design: Governance can add new strategies and rules. This will ensure that vaults stay up-to-date with the best strategies.

Supercharges Liquidity

Swaap Maker was designed to consistently yield in the 10%-15% range. To do so, only a small part of the liquidity is used for market making. The rest is used to absorb and control the variance of the strategy. Swaap Earn allocates idle capital to top protocols like Aave or Eigenlayer. It maximizes yields with an extra layer of capital efficiency.

Enhanced Security and Governance

To keep users’ funds safe, the protocol adds a multi-stage verification process. It includes automated checks for performance and max-drawdown. It happens before any strategist’s actions are settled. Governance adds security to the Swaap DAO. It does this by defining roles, vetting third parties, and setting the protocol's parameters. These include the DAO fee.