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About Swaap

What is Swaap

Swaap is an innovative and non-custodial protocol. It enables on-chain yield generation. A team with deep experience in finance, data engineering, and web3 designs maintains it. The two co-founders have a history of successful software development (ex-Snap) and TradFi (ex-BCG). The core team has over 2 decades of engineering experience and has worked on top web3 products (ex-Ledger). We also work with top-tier mathematicians and economists from renowned institutions.

We have focused our development efforts on creating accessible and efficient market-making products. This led to the launch of Swaap Maker (formerly Swaap v2). It stresses transparency and composability, reaching institutional-grade efficiency. Swaap Maker has consistently delivered net yields above 10% on many asset pairs. This marks it as a profitable DeFi market-making solution. It has seen significant trading volumes of $250+ million since its launch.

Why Swaap Earn ​​

Developing Swaap Maker gave us experience and insights. They showed the limits and challenges of on-chain yield generation in Automated Market Maker (AMMs). These insights positioned us to pioneer new solutions. Swaap Earn is the evolution of our market-making infrastructure. It enables a level of DeFi composability never seen before. It lets users add on-chain yield strategies to our market-making. This aims to boost returns with an easy, set-and-forget user experience.

The blockchain is transparent and removes the need for trust. This makes it ideal for complex financial products. In DeFi, composability and structured innovation are vital. They boost the performance of financial products. They have led to the rise of specialized services. These focus on strategy and collateral. Swaap's mission is to make a fairer, clearer, and secure financial system. It will do this through the power of DeFi. Our unique offering is Swaap Earn. It merges diverse strategies for generating yield with advanced market-making strategies. It provides a transparent, non-custodial, interoperable, and inclusive platform for all investors.