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Use Cases

Individual investors

empower them to achieve top-tier yields on their crypto assets

Swaap Earn simplifies access to high-yield strategies. Individual investors can access advanced strategies such as market-making and recursive staking combined. With little effort, investors can earn superior yield on their assets.


diversify their strategies, mix fundamental strategies with algorithmic yield

Swaap Earn allows funds to access pro yield farming. They can do so on their favorite bluechip assets. They can use a simple strategy without any diversification. Funds focused on the fundamentals can combine their edge in asset evaluation with algorithmic strategies. Otherwise, they would have to buy these strategies with dollars. For instance, it is possible to build indexes that produce yield at the same time.


incentivize liquidity on their token in an optimal and flexible way

Swaap Earn offers DAOs an advantage. They can design custom incentives for liquidity providers. This allows them to adapt to market changes and token ecosystem needs. Swaap vaults also help DAOs scale liquidity well. They attract providers with optimized strategies. This enhances token liquidity and cuts operational complexity. This simple approach lets DAOs focus on governance and development. Automated vault systems will handle liquidity provision.

DeFi protocols

bring yield to their community

By integrating with Swaap vaults, DeFi protocols can give their users access to an easy, efficient yield source.


monetize their expertise with fee collection

For DeFi experts, Swaap Earn offers a platform to monetize and showcase their strategies. It attracts a wider audience through fees based on performance.