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Swaap token net APR

Some pools offer additional rewards on top of the market making yields in the form of Swaap tokens or partner DAOs tokens.

Such pools can be identified by the associated symbols in the rewards section of the application.

Swaap aims to be a public good & decentralized protocol. We will use a token to govern the protocol. The token will not be launched before the protocol has achieved a certain level of maturity. The tokenomics of the protocol have not been decided yet.

The token is not live yet, but you can already start earning it!

By providing liquidity into Swaap pools, you become eligible for future token rewards (once the token is released). This functions similarly to a liquidity mining program but retroactively. The number of tokens you will be able to earn is proportional to the amount of liquidity deposited and the timeframe.

In order to help you compare providing liquidity into Swaap against other potential yield options, a Swaap Token Net APR is displayed.

This Token Net APR is based on a hypothetical Fully Diluted Valuation (FDV) of the protocol of $100m. Please note that this figure is for illustrative purposes only and should not be considered as a projection or expectation. Its sole purpose is to enable you to integrate all information into your decision-making process regarding whether or not to provide liquidity to Swaap.

To build your own hypothesis regarding the value of these rewards, you can adjust the Swaap Token Net APR based on your own assumptions around the FDV of the protocol. For example:

  • If your assumption is that the FDV is $50m, you should multiply the Token Net APR by 0.5 (50/100 = 0.5).
  • If your assumption is that the FDV is $200m, you should multiply the Token Net APR by 2 (200/100 = 2).

Example Case:

Let’s consider an example to understand the Swaap Token Net APR better. Assume you provide liquidity worth $10,000 and the Token Net APR displayed is 10% based on a hypothetical FDV of $100m. If you believe that the FDV might actually reach $200m, you can multiply the 10% by 2, assuming an APR of 20%. In this scenario, you could potentially earn a $2,000 in a year ($10,000 * 20%) equivalent in tokens. However, keep in mind that these numbers are hypothetical and actual results may vary.

We want to remind you that the hypothetical Fully Diluted Valuation of the protocol may be updated, so we encourage you to regularly refer back to this section if you want to make any assumptions around Swaap Tokens APR.


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