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Crypto onboarding

Get a non-custodial crypto wallet

A crypto wallet is where you store your crypto assets, and is essential to interact with any Decentralized App like Swaap. There are many crypto wallets, among which:

  • Metamask: the leading “hot storage” wallet. It’s free and quick to set up. Here is a complete tutorial if you have never used Metamask before.

  • Ledger: the leading “cold storage” wallet. Setup is longer and requires buying a physical wallet. Learn more on their official website.

Obtain crypto assets

If you are new to crypto, there are basically two ways to obtain crypto assets:

Centralized exchanges

Create yourself an account, pass the KYC, and you’ll be able to easily convert your fiat currency for crypto. Here are some of the most used exchanges:

Once you buy crypto on an exchange, you need to withdraw your assets and send them to your wallet via the Polygon network in order to use Swaap. Check our “Sending your assets to Polygon” tutorial.

Directly on wallet

Directly on your crypto wallet through on-ramp services. In this case, you need to add the Polygon network to your wallet and buy assets on the Polygon network.


1. Add the Polygon network

Switch the connected blockchain by clicking on Ethereum Mainnet.

Scroll down until you find Add Network.

Enter the Polygon settings as follows:

Click Save. Congrats, you just added the Polygon network in your Metamask!

2. Buy Matic

MATIC is used to pay for transactions on the Polygon network. Make sure you select the MATIC network on the top right button in Metamask. Then click Buy.

Choose an on-ramp provider, then follow the instructions to acquire some MATIC.

3. Swap MATIC for other assets on Metamask

Make sure the MATIC network is selected on the top right corner in Metamask. Click Swap.

Choose the quantity of MATIC you want to swap and select the asset you wish to obtain. For now, the Swaap pool features USDC, WETH and WBTC.

Click on Review Swap, then Swap. Now that you have a wallet with the required assets, you can use Swaap. Check our tutorial for that.


In the Ledger Live app, click Buy. Choose an on-ramp provider and follow the instructions to buy some crypto.