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By design, Swaap pools can be minted in a permissionless way, therefore anyone can create their own pool. Before providing liquidity to any of them, we advise you to run the following checks to prevent any loss of funds:

  • Ensure that the pool has been deployed with Swaap’s Factory.

  • Check the address of the tokens of the pool you are joining and check that they are correctly implementing ERC20’s standard.

  • Ensure that the tokens within the pool are all distinct. Pools with the same token twice are not supported by the protocol. For instance, you should not join an ETH / ETH / DAI pool. P.S. in rare cases, different token addresses can point to the same token balance. These tokens are not supported by the Swaap pool and must be avoided as well.

  • Ensure that the right Chainlink oracles are associated with the right tokens (refer to Chainlink's documentation).

The pools that are available on the Swaap frontend have all been carefully vetted by the Swaap Labs team, so there is no need to run such verifications on them.