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Portfolio User Guide

1. Introduction​

Portfolio page aims to provide you with more clarity and better management of your portfolio on Swaap. It is divided into two main sections: Performance and Positions.

In the Performance section, you can find protocol-wise metrics that give you an aggregated view of all your active positions across different pools on the selected network.

The Positions section provides pool-specific metrics, allowing you to monitor the performance of each pool on the selected network more effectively.

To access your Portfolio, simply connect your wallet, select the desired network, and click on the Portfolio tab. Your Portfolio for the selected network will be displayed.

If you want to view portfolios on other networks, you can do so by selecting the desired network in the network switcher, and the corresponding Portfolio will be shown for your review.

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2. Portfolio Page​

2.1 Performance

2.1.1 My Current Balance

My current balance is the sum of all your active positions on Swaap v2 pools on the selected network at the current market value.

2.1.2 Performance

Net APR represents your annualized yield (excluding rewards) since joining Swaap pools, after accounting for any costs such as impermanent loss. It's worth noting that impermanent loss is not applicable to Swaap pools. It is calculated based on your LP positions in all the pools on the selected network, using the time-weighted rate of return (TWR) method.

This annualized metric allows you to project the growth of your Swaap v2 positions on the selected network over a period of 1 year.

You can also track the change in USD to assess your performance since joining Swaap v2 until today.

2.1.3 My Total Rewards Earned

When LPing on Swaap pool, you have the opportunity to earn rewards in the form of Swaap tokens as part of the pool incentives. You can check your total reward balance, which includes all the rewards you have earned since joining Swaap v1 and v2 on all supported networks until today. This balance also takes into account any rewards earned from special bonus programs, such as whitelist, for which some of you may be eligible.

2.1.4 Portfolio Cumulative Performance Against Hodl chart

The Performance chart is designed to help you monitor the performance of your portfolio (including all active positions on the selected network) over time, from the moment you joined Swaap until today.

At each data point, you can view the following details:

  • Date: the selected date for viewing yield details
  • Cum. Yield: cumulative yield represents the cumulative performance of your portfolio, expressed as a percentage and in USD, on the specified date. To interpret this chart, consider it as follows: "Out of the total accumulated yield up until that past date, X% was generated since you joined Swaap v2.”

You can now easily track the performance of your Swaap portfolio over time and compare it to a baseline of 0.00% if you were to HODL only. This allows you to make effective comparisons.

It's important to note that we calculate historical cumulative yield using the current market value, enabling you to compare performance without being affected by the volatility of crypto token prices.

2.2 Positions

In this table, you can find all your active positions on the selected network. Each position can be better monitored using the following metrics in each column:

  • Assets: the underlying assets of your position
  • Balance: the balance of your position at the current market value
  • APR: your annualized yield (excluding rewards) since joining this pool, after accounting for any costs such as impermanent loss. It's important to note that impermanent loss does not apply to Swaap pools.
  • Rewards: this is the total amount you have earned from providing liquidity in this pool, including any bonuses you are eligible for.

As a common ethos in web3 "don't trust but verify," you can also verify your Pool APR by checking the LP token price on the Swaap v2 Pools dashboard on Dune. To compute your APR, use the following formula:

APR = ((pool_token_price_today / pool_token_price_past_date) - 1)x365 /time_window_length_in_daysx100

It is important to note that when using this formula, you can select any past date since joining, but you should always compare it against "today."

For example, if you want to verify your APR for WMATIC-USDC Pool on Polygon that you have joined at 12:00PM on Oct 2nd to today on Nov 2nd:

  1. Go to Swaap v2 WMATIC-USDC Pool Analysis on Dune and go to β€œLP token price” chart
  2. Look for pool_token_price_today (Nov 2nd) and pool_token_price_past_date (Oct 2nd)
  3. Run the formula: ((0.0200829/0.0199185)-1)x365/30.5x100=9.87%
  4. verify the result from the formula against APR column of WMATIC-USDC Pool row on Positions table

By tracking the performance of your Swaap positions, you can easily identify which ones are performing well and potentially deposit more to earn more.

3. FAQs​

Is there a discrepancy in the balance of My Total Rewards Earned?

For users who are eligible for the special bonus program and have made a deposit that exceeds 3 times the initial deposit amount, you may experience a discrepancy in the balance displayed on the My Portfolio page. This is a known limitation that is currently being addressed to ensure accurate estimation in all exceptional cases of the special bonus program.

If you have any questions or need further support on this topic, please contact our support team.

Do I still have access to Portfolio page if I am not or no loner active on Swaap v2?

For Swaap v1 users who are not active on Swaap v2, if you connect the wallet you used to join Swaap v1 pools, you will still see your Swaap token balance earned from Swaap v1 in the "My total rewards earned" section. However, your performance metrics on Swaap v2 will be empty.

For Swaap v2 users who used to participate in Swaap v2 but currently hold no active positions, you will see your past performance metrics, including your total reward earned during the active position period.

How frequently are the metrics on the Portfolio page updated?

Different metrics are updated at varying frequencies depending on their data availability in our backend service:

  1. My current balance: The balance is updated a few seconds after any of your new activities, such as a deposit or withdrawal on the platform.
  2. Net APR: It is updated every 30 seconds.
  3. My Total Rewards Earned: It is updated every 5 minutes.
  4. Portfolio Cumulative Performance Against Hodl chart: It is updated once at the end of each day.