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Which chain are you guys on?

Our protocol is deployed on Polygon.

After a long reflexion phase, we concluded that Polygon best suits our needs and that of our customers:

  • We wanted to stay in the ETH ecosystem, and rely on an EVM compatible product in a secure chain
  • We found out in our simulations that more frequent oracle updates = higher yields. Polygon provides the most frequent oracle updates of all EVM compatible chains (every 27s)
  • The cheap transaction fees on Polygon enable us to implement our goal of democratizing profitable market making strategies for everybody
  • We were impressed by the vibrancy of the Polygon ecosystem & community

Will there be a governance token? at launch ?

Swaap is a public good & decentralized protocol, so it is likely that we will use a token to govern the protocol. The token will not be launched before the protocol has some level of maturity.

What is the roadmap?

Right now, we have published our whitepaper and a testnet version and are undergoing several audits. The launch of v1 is scheduled for Q2 2022 and will already include multi-asset pools as well as dynamic fees. But we don’t stop there!

For H1 2023 we have a v2 planned where we additionally improve the IL hedging and improve the capital trading efficiency.

Can I test Swaap?

Yes: please refer to this Medium Guide for more information.

When will your testnet end?

Not anytime soon. We are dedicated to an open testnet approach until launch. In the beginning, we launched a raw product, a true “Minimum Viable Product”. Our goal: getting feedback as much & as early as possible. A constantly open testnet helps us in achieving that goal.

To understand our rationales more in-depth please refer to our Medium Article.

Are there plans to reward early adopters/install brand ambassadors?

We are a community-driven project and definitely want the community to be rewarded for its support in the development of the project. But as of now we feel that commonly used rewards such as airdrops based on testnet usage etc. are not the right ones since they foster bots and Sybil attacks and do not attract a sustainable, active community.

For us, it is about creating a sustainable and successful project in the long term instead of the next pump and dump scheme!

What are your official channels?

Right now we are exclusively on Twitter and Discord.